Wallet Hub Users

It has recently come to our attention that a phone app named 'WalletHub' by Evolution Finance, Inc. in Washington D.C. is erroneously reporting to its users a credit pull from our dealership.  This is an error with their software.  We have had hundreds of people from around the country call us to ask about this, and every single one were WalletHub users with no history at our store.  We have reached out to WalletHub via email to address the problem, but they have been unwilling to give us a contact person and phone number to work with.  They currently think it might be fixed, but only after the credit agencies update their customer's data.  They have no schedule for when that may happen.


At Lexus of Westminster, we only request credit bureau reports for guests who fill out and sign a credit application in association with a car purchase transaction.  In 100% of the WalletHub cases, we did not pull a credit report on them and verified such with our credit bureau processor.


We are committed to data privacy and protect all our customer's data with the latest hardware & software technology.  In addition, we constantly evaluate our data handling processes to ensure your data remains safe, secure & private